About Me

I am a Priest/ess of the Feminine Divine.  I'm also a Queer Catholic yogi, interspiritual midwife, musician, psychic healer, and sacred activist. 


My journey has been a weave of music, yoga, therapy, friendship, ecology, and contemplative practice.  Raised on the Beatles, Broadway and church songs, music has always been a great source of healing and self-expression.   I have practiced yoga since 2002 and have taught yoga, meditation, chanting, and yoga philosophy since 2009.  In 2014 I began leading Goddess-based spirituality circles and retreats for women out of my own desire for Earth and feminine-based spiritual community.  

As a spiritual teacher and student, I have dedicated myself to the beauty and the mess of community building, justice, love, and spiritual & personal growth for all.  I am currently being trained in Psychic Masterywith Nancy Rebecca of Intuitive Mind.  I am also a Master of Divinity student at the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, and am discerning a call to the priesthood with the Roman Catholic Women Priests.  I am deeply informed by Catholic social teaching; interspirituality; rhythms of liturgy, bodies and nature; Sacred Feminine traditions of Christianity and Yoga; an unexpected friendship with Jesus (which you can read more about here); and a theological blend of Harry Potter, the Bhagavad Gita, Battlestar Galactica, and the Gospels. 

My purpose in life is to live in devotion to the Divine Feminine present in All That Is, to remember that I am good, and to support others in remembering their own goodness.  I'm still a work in progress!