Introduction to Moon Dreaming

Feminine and indigenous folklore worldwide has frequently held that the energy of the Moon is the energy of Goddess. The subtly powerful influence of Moon energy was noted in everything from the planting and harvesting of crops, to childbirth and women’s monthly bleed. Moontime is magic time, witching time, dream time, deep listening time.

A return to the Feminine Divine has for me been an invitation back into relationship with all of creation and all elements of the natural world, and particularly with the Goddess energy of the Moon. What is your current relationship to the Moon? When are you attentive to the Moon’s phase? Consider taking a few moments to ask your Inner Guide what might be the next step in connecting to Her power. It might be as simple as beginning to look for and pay attention to the position and lunation phase (where the moon is in its transition between new and full) from day to day.

The lunation of the Moon is a powerful way to super-charge dreams and intentions that you desire to bring into being. Though it’s been more typical to be attentive to the Moon only when she is full, it’s actually the New Moon where the seeds of intention and dreams are most optimally sown. Each phase of the Moon contributes to a different aspect of fulfillment of dreams, but the parts we’ll work with are just the New and Full Moon.

The following is adapted from the work of Yasmin Boland, Moonology: Working with the Magic of Lunar Cycles, as well as many other wise women who have danced under the light and shadow of Mother Moon.

New Moon images, captured in my Moon Journal

New Moon images, captured in my Moon Journal

New Moon: In the days before the New Moon, let yourself slow down and spend a little more time, even just as you are falling asleep, letting your dreams and visions for the coming month surface. This is also a good time to wrap up lingering projects or loose threads—either completing them, or choosing to let them be complete as they are (ie—just taking them off your plate!). You are getting the soil ready to plant your dreams. The day of or in the day or two after the New Moon, take time to write out your new moon dreams, and what may be asking to be released to make room for them . It can be done in as little as 5 minutes if you are conscious, focused, and use your intention to really drop into what you/your Innermost Self desire to create at this time.

Full Moon: In the days just before the Full Moon, be reflecting on the dreams you envisioned at the New Moon, and be observant to where they are coming to fruition (it may be happening in unpredictable ways or through unintended channels—so be open-minded and alert!) Energy, emotions and variability run high, so it’s a time to just be really fluid and not take things too personally. Key practices for this time are forgiveness—releasing stuck energy and expectations—and gratitude for all that has come to fruition since the New Moon, and that is present, ripe, full and abundant in your life. It can also be chance to see what dreams might need more time or where there may be the need to attend to the underlying beliefs affecting their fruition. At this time, you can release those dreams for the current cycle and revisit them at a future New Moon.

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