The Circle is a powerful design of spiritual community where all members act as unique and invaluable access points to divine wisdom.  Sitting in circle can be a powerful way to experience community, practice vulnerability, and share and learn as equals from each other's experience.  Living into my role as priest/ess, I act as convener and steward of various circles through various cycles and seasons. 


Stillness at the Center: A contemplative evening for busy people

Friday June 7th, 6-8pm

Take a moment out before summer’s surge to rest, breath, listen and be. This offering is an invitation to sync up with the rhythms of the natural world and to the quiet stirrings of one's inner world through communal practices of grounding, chanting, interspiritual prayer/meditation, and contemplative reading designed to integrate and deepen one’s connection to the Earth and the experience of the Sacred into our daily lives.

This is geared towards people of any or no spiritual tradition who:

  • Desire a deeper spiritual life

  • Desire a deeper connection to spiritual community

  • Desire a deeper connection to the Earth and to Spirit

  • Are processing loss, grief, or significant life change

  • Are addicted to stress or busyness

People of all or no faith/spiritual traditions welcome. Some meditation experience may be helpful, but not required.

Suggested donation—$5-$25, at the door. No one turned away for lack of funds.

RSVP REQUIRED: PLEASE RSVP by June 3 via e-mail.


The Moon Circle: Spring-Summer 2019

Thursdays, March 7st-June 13th
Sat. March 23rd: Opening Equinox Day Retreat at Moss Terra, Key Pen
Frid. June 21-Sat. June 22nd: Closing Solstice Retreat at Sublimity Sanctuary, Key Pen (pending confirmation)

Moon Circle is intended as an anchoring touchstone of ritual, sisterhood connection, intuitive listening, feminine divine wisdom, spiritual reflection, and mutual support.  Circle will have simple familiar elements each week and be grounded in rhythm, form, ritual, and reading from When Women Rise Rooted, by Sharon Blackie.

Moon Circle is designed for spiritually curious women who:

  • desire wakeful life in conscious community

  • desire to create life-long rhythms of health, vitality, balance and interconnection

  • desire greater self-trust and to live from their own intuitive wisdom

  • are healing from religious/spiritual trauma or abuse

  • are experiencing grief, loss, isolation, or intense life transitions

The Moon Circle Vision is to:

  • Create conscious life-giving community, dedicated to holding, caring for, celebrating, leaning on, and enjoying life with each other.

  • Unfold as women living and serving in our gifts as our best selves

  • Empower women to make clear choices in the areas of life that matter to them

  • Enliven each other with deep connection to spirit, each other, and our world

  • Support access to creative Source to inspire delight, play, pleasure and resiliency

  • Deeply and consistently receive spiritual and physical nourishment that allows us to deeply and consistently nourish the world.

Circle has simple familiar elements each week and is grounded in rhythm, form, ritual, and readings.  Each week includes song, guided meditation to hone intuitive/psychic listening, sharings on what is being worked on/working on us, reflections from the readings, and a simple ritual of communion.  Each participant will be supported in a simple format of co-facilitation, so as to draw on and develop the skills and wisdom of all present.  There will also be the option for previous participants to be available as peer mentors to new participants.  This season we will be reading together from Sharon Blackie’s When Women Rise Rooted.

I, Kate, am committed to continuing to live into sacred sisterhood, as a way of exploring and being witnessed in my own becoming and practicing and creating the world I dream of for my children—one that is harmonious, intricate, unfolding, peaceful, just, magical, fully alive and in awe of the Divine Presence in all things.  Who are you Becoming?  What is the world you are committed to creating?  Let us unfold together. 

What’s Included:
12 weekly gatherings
Opening One-Day Equinox Retreat and Sweatlodge in the Celtic tradition at Moss Terra, Key Peninsula
Closing Solstice Retreat at Sublimity Sanctuary, Key Peninsula (overnight camping available)
Special rates on 1-on-1 sessions with Kate and other offerings
A copy of the book, When Women Rise Rooted, by Sharon Blackie.

Early Bird Tuition (through 2/19): $875 or two payments of $460
Regular Tuition (after 2/19): $975 or two payments of $510

Please note: weekly circle dates subject to slight modification.  There will be no circle:
March 21st
April 18th
May 16th