New Moon Group Reading and Dream Circles

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New Moon Group Reading and Dream Circles

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Do you find yourself asking: What am I missing? Where should I focus? Where am I stuck? Or just feeling a little off-kilter, uncertain, ungrounded, alone, or seeking answers?

Join the 2018 New Moon Group Readings! Group readings are great for:

-New insight for relationship issues
-Gaining clarity during life transitions
-Gaining direction for careers and vocation
-Supporting seasons of loneliness
-Healing from past trauma & abuse
-Addressing health problems
-Creating new habits
-Processing grief & loss

I have a background in various healing arts, including yoga, chanting, and most recently, Psychic Master from the Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery International Progarm. I really care about spiritual newbies or returnees, people who've experienced religious/spiritual trauma, women and LGBTQ folks who want less rules and more play out of spiritual and embodied life; and people living in service as activists and direct service providers who want to avoid burnout and be sustained their vocation.

Past participants of group readings say they receive
-Immense clarity
-Validation for future next steps
-Peace of mind
-Messages from ancestors
-A sense of ease
-Focus & strength
-Connection to higher wisdom

Circles will begin with song, grounding meditation, and a clairvoyant group energy reading, followed by your own shares and intention setting. We practice in this way to connect with the Divine Feminine, to hear our Inner Voice, to connect to the sacred rhythms of Mother Earth and Sister Moon, to supercharge intentions and visions for healing ourselves and our planet, and to walk as friends and loving witnesses through our personal and collective evolution.

Please note: this offer is no longer for women only. Men welcome and encouraged!

BY DONATION: $10-$25 suggested. Pre-registration preferred.

Plan ahead for the additional New Moon Circle Dates for Winter and Spring, 2018 (note: not all Circles are occurring on the actual New Moon—simply as close as was possible for me to easily do).

Saturday March 17th, 9am-11am

Saturday April 14th, 1pm-3pm
Wednesday May 16th, 10am-12pm
Thursday June 14, 6am-8pm