Psychic Readings with Kate Fontana

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Psychic Readings with Kate Fontana

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Answers for people with questions. 

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Psychic Readings are perfect for:

  • Discovering new insight for relationship issues
  • Gaining clarity during life transitions
  • Making choices and clarifying direction for careers and vocation
  • Supporting seasons of loneliness
  • Healing from past trauma & abuse
  • Addressing health problems
  • Fixing old habits/creating new habits
  • Processing grief & loss

I have a background in various healing arts, including yoga, chanting, spiritual and non-profit leadership, and most recently, Psychic Master from the Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery International Program. I really care about spiritual newbies and returnees, people who've experienced religious/spiritual trauma, women and LGBTQ folks who want less rules and more play out of spiritual and embodied life; and people living in service as activists and direct service providers who want to avoid burnout and be sustained their vocation.

Clients say they receive

  • Answers!
  • Immense clarity
  • Validation for future next steps
  • Self-confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Messages from ancestors
  • Sense of ease
  • Focus & strength
  • Connection to higher wisdom

How It Works...

Upon payment, you'll be redirected to the scheduling page so you can pick the best available time. When your session is confirmed, you'll receive an email with all you need to know about your session, including how to prepare to get the most out of your reading and what to expect during the reading.

On your scheduled time/day our session will look like this:

20-30 minutes prior to your arrival, I will have been meditating, tuning in, grounding and clearing the room.  Once you arrive and we both settle in, I’ll take about 5 minutes to re-ground, create an energetic space into which I invite your soul to enter in and communicate with me what it wants you to know/see.  I like to tell folks that this is a “non-invasive” procedure!  I am not coming into your energy field, and I ask permission of your spirit each step of the way; there will also be an chance for you to verbally give your consent before we start for your spirit to communicate with me.

There are typically 2-3 sections to the reading, depending on time—an overall “pre-view” reading that we do to make sure your in a good place to receive the rest of the reading; then what’s call a 7-layer Aura reading, where I look at 7 layers of your aura that correspond with the major energy centers of your energy body.  If time, we can look at one or two past lives AND/OR ask a question of Spirit/your higher self.  Past lives show up when they have a message or lesson that is relevant for your current incarnation.  A question can be anything you’re seeking clarity on: a big decision, something health related, or anything at all!

You do have the option to record the reading, which can be helpful if you want to go back and review/relisten—I’ll be talking for over an hour, which can be a lot to take in at once!

After your session, you'll get a follow-up e-mail with psychic reading aftercare guidelines, a simple grounding meditation to practice and continue to integrate the healing on your own, and a feedback survey.  Clients who successfully complete their follow-up survey get $20 off their next purchase.

Don't Wait.

If you had an outdated eye prescription, and were seeing all fuzzy, you’d get an eye exam right away, right?  Sometimes our “spiritual vision” needs a needs a new prescription.  Why would you spend any longer than necessary experiencing blurry vision?  Avoid the needless struggle. Update your spiritual vision “prescription” today with a psychic reading.

My personal hope is that no one struggles by themselves with coming into their spiritual awareness and gifts, and fully integrating them into their bodies and lives.  These sessions can provide extremely valuable turning-point insight and companionship through that journey.