Revive: A Summer Solstice-Inspired Retreat for Women

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Revive: A Summer Solstice-Inspired Retreat for Women

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Revive: A Summer Solstice-Inspired Retreat for Burnt-Out Spiritually-Curious Women
Friday June 29-July 1st, at Midnight Farm on Lopez Island

Are you a spiritually-curious woman who:

  • feels always in GO mode, over-worked, exhausted, on the verge of burn-out

  • feels out of sync with your body’s and nature’s rhythms

  • feels caught in habitual stress patterns around traditional holidays

  • desires to go deeper into your own spiritual journey in the company of aware women friends

  • desires vitality, clarity and renewed ease in your body and life

  • desires innovative, inclusive, embodied celebration of the change of seasons

This retreat series was designed for you!

What you will get:
-Deep rest in the beauty of nature
-Fun and friendship within a conscious community of women
-Practices from various wisdom traditions, including yoga, meditation, chanting, energy medicine and centering prayer.
-Goddess wisdom from the Yoga and other Wisdom traditions
-Practical ways to bring more Sacred and Sanity into the Summer Season
-Time for silence, introspection and intention-setting
-Time for conversation, connection and community
-Nourishing meditative movement
-Ease and Joy in celebration of the season's turn

Why is this kind of gathering for women so important?

I spent a lot of years running on the treadmill of urgency and overwork, addicted to stress and overwhelmed with the problems of the world. All the while on the inside I felt completely empty. I struggled to feel I belonged in my spiritual tradition of origin, and longed for spiritual community that was inclusive, affirming, judgement-free, and based in love and justice. It took a major plunge of depression about 8 years ago for me to finally stop all the DOING and begin the road back home to my BEING. Along the way, a few things revealed themselves to be invaluable in this journey: tuning into the Feminine face of the divine through the Goddess tradition of yoga, and other mystical Wisdom traditions; creating a new, spacious and cyclical relationship with time through connecting to the rhythms of my body and the earth; discovering places to practice radical vulnerability and unhindered self-expression; and joining with other women invested in their own healing and the healing of our world. I am still a work in progress! I’ve created this offer to include more women on my ongoing healing journey. I hope that it will afford you the opportunity to be nourished in body and soul; to play, laugh, weep, and be seen in your beauty and wholeness; and to hear the call of your own deep wisdom.

-Shared room in Field House (on Midnight Farm): $675 ($575 if registered by May 1)
-Private room 5 min walk from Midnight Farm: $750 ($650 if registered by May 1)
-Shared room 5 min walk from Midnight Farm: $650 ($550 if registered by May 1)
-Camping: $450 ($350 if registered by May 1st)

Max Participants: 14

Tentative Start time: Friday 4pm
Tentative End time: Sunday 2pm
(Final schedule will be set by June 1st)