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Psychic Rose Reading

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What's a Rose Reading?

A Rose Reading is a similar to a full psychic reading, but shorter-15-30 minutes-so really great for addressing one specific issue or question or getting a quick dose of healing in a particular area.  At this time, all Simple Psychic Readings are done at a distance (see details below).

Psychic Readings are great for: 

  • Discovering new insight for relationship issues

  • Gaining clarity during life transitions

  • Making choices and clarifying direction for careers and vocation

  • Supporting seasons of loneliness

  • Healing from past trauma & abuse

  • Addressing health problems

  • Fixing old habits/creating new habits

  • Processing grief & loss

I have a background in various healing arts, including yoga, chanting, spiritual and non-profit leadership, and most recently, Psychic Master from the Intuitive Mind Psychic Mastery International Program. I really care about spiritual newbies and returnees, people who've experienced religious/spiritual trauma, women and LGBTQ folks who want less rules and more play out of spiritual and embodied life; and people living in service as activists and direct service providers who want to avoid burnout and be sustained their vocation.

Clients say they receive

  • Answers!

  • Immense clarity

  • Validation for future next steps

  • Self-confidence

  • Peace of mind

  • Messages from ancestors

  • Sense of ease

  • Focus & strength

  • Connection to higher wisdom

How It Works...

Upon payment, I'll schedule you into my reading calendar and let you know when the reading will be happening.  There is nothing specific you need to do to prepare for the reading.  Some people choose to meditate or do something relaxing during the reading appointment time, but you can also just go about your day.  Work is being done at the spiritual level, and will integrate into your body at your body’s own pace.  Afterwards, I’ll send you the recording along with aftercare/integration instructions.  

My personal hope is that no one struggles by themselves with coming into their spiritual awareness and gifts, and fully integrating them into their bodies and lives.  These sessions can provide extremely valuable turning-point insight and companionship through that journey.